Boathouse and Yacht Enclosure

Boathouse or Yacht Enclosure will be under the Category BOATHOUSE

This is defined as a structure enclosed by three walls, on floats, with roof - whose main purpose is to be used to house a vessel. Generally these are attached to other houses, but have the ability to be moved independently of other boathouses.


Float Home / Floating Home

Best described as a home on the water. This is a house, with full living quarters, on floats. Generally there isn't space for a vessel other than dock space attached to the outside of the home.

Yacht Home

Most every large vessel has the capacity to live aboard. We can't possibly list all vessels so we're limiting this to vessels over 60 ft. We reserve the right to limit the number of vessels displayed.  


We want more exposure for Boathouses, Yacht Enclosures, Floating / Float Homes, and Large Yachts 60+ that could be a Home on the Water / Liveaboard. For sale or lease.

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